Last week we launched a first ever 100% automated car repair shop for rental purposes. Renting this car repair shop is FULLY AUTOMATED with Renster automation.

What does it mean?

It means that we automated all the rental steps, including:

-Calendar management.
-Billing and payment.
-Entering and leaving the building.
-Security system and cameras to make it safe and secure.
-Even switching the lights on and off.

See the car shop and how it works, book it to try out

There are many other use cases for this kind of automation. For example, Rentster offers automation for 👉 car washes, warehouses, or meeting rooms.

No human interaction is needed. We help to automate your whole rental management.

❔ How would you use the automation in your business? 🤔

Feel free to call us for assistance and installation!

Automation. Let the rental business work for you!
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