It is important for an entrepreneur to think how to save valuable resources – energy, time, and money.

From now on, after adding the rental item(s) to platform, you can leave the rest of the rental process to be solved by the software and technology. This all without monthly fees, at the symbolic cost of the initial set up!

How? Briefly:

-Add the rental company and product(s) to the platform and start using the rental calendar.

– The client reserves the rental product. A digital rental agreement is signed, an online payment is made.

-Once the rental period has begun, the customer can independently open the door, closet, or room.

-By adding surveillance cameras, the system is also secure. Everything closes and locks itself.

-Your company has xxx Euro more, although you haven’t had to make any calls or appointments!

Rentster with an integrated door opening-closing solution helps customers to provide rental services conveniently and up to 100% digitally without having to be on site. That all without any monthly fees! Enjoy your holiday and let your rental company work for you.

Rentster B2B manager
Here it is – first ever 100% automated renting of a car repair shop!