Digital Rental Agreements for Rental Companies: Not just a digital signature, but a solution that is integrated into the rental process. No more manual sending, waiting, storing, archiving, linking, or subsequent searching. In short: NO to the manual work. 

Efficiency and speed: digital contracts simplify the process for the rental company and its client. Cost savings: besides saving time, it eliminates direct financial costs on printers, paper, physical space, storage, and archiving.

Accessibility and convenience: digital contracts can be accessed from a variety of devices, anytime, anywhere. There is no risk of contracts being lost or misplaced. Accuracy and error-proofing: digital contracts contain fewer errors. This reduces misunderstandings and disputes.

Supported digital identities: 

  • ID cards (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland)
  • Mobile-ID (Elisa, Tele2 and Telia in Estonia, and Bite, Tele2 and Telia in Lithuania)
  • Smart-ID (in Estonia)

Supported platforms: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari – it works with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

A fraud-proof solution: all documents are secured against forgery and alteration of the date of signature.

Electronic identities: which are legally binding and accepted throughout the European Union. 

Improving client experience: enabling digital contracts for your clients will enhance their satisfaction, which will bind them more strongly to your rental company. The implementation of digital contracts will modernise and simplify rental company processes, leading to greater efficiency, cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Rentster has developed this solution in cooperation with its great partner Dokobit.

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