At Rentster, we are thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature that will transform the way rental companies manage their B2B customers – the Rentster B2B Manager! This powerful tool empowers rental businesses to efficiently handle their B2B clients, allowing them to set up regular customers, offer booking without immediate payment, and seamlessly adjust rental periods as needed.

Booking without Immediate Payment:

The B2B Manager offers a significant advantage by allowing regular customers to make bookings without the need for immediate payment. This flexible approach is especially valuable for established partnerships, where trust and reliability play a pivotal role. Regular customers can reserve their desired rental items, and the payment can be settled later, as per the agreed-upon terms. This feature enhances customer loyalty and simplifies the rental process, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Rental Period Adjustments:

As a rental company, ensuring the utmost convenience for your B2B customers is of paramount importance. With Rentster’s B2B Manager, you can effortlessly adjust rental periods to accommodate any changes or extensions requested by your regular customers. The system is designed to be flexible, enabling you to update the rental period seamlessly. Once the rental items are returned, you can send an invoice with the corrected rental period, ensuring accurate billing and transparent communication.

With Rentster B2B manager you can elevate your customer relationships to new heights.

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