How to Create the Best Rental Booking Experience: Guest Booking and Inquiries vs. registration and self-service.

When it comes to web environment strategy, we are often faced with two options: either take customer inquiries and manually convert them into successful orders, or encourage customers to register and use self-service features. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the company’s goals and customer experience priorities.

Ordering as guests

One option is to allow customers to shop as a guest and send inquiries by simply filling out a form. This approach provides a quick and easy way to make the first contact with the customer. But the further process can be slow, manual, and prone to errors and information loss. Disadvantages include the inability to engage with customers later and provide them with personalized services, and there may be problems with invoicing, payments, identification and signing contracts.

Registration and Self-service

Another strategy involves registering each customer on the e-platform and allowing them to use various self-service functions. This approach allows for a more personalized experience and allows the company to better connect with customers. The customer has a clear view of every step or order status and this increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you want to provide a personalized experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, a check-in and self-service strategy can be a more effective way to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

In addition, Rentster allows your company to increase customer satisfaction and bring more loyal customers through modern technical automatic solutions. This ensures a smooth and efficient rental process, where customers can enjoy convenient self-service, and the company receives accurate data and statistics about customers, which allows to better understand their needs and offer them suitable solutions.

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