Rental companies can now streamline their operations by seamlessly integrating tracking into their existing rental management software.

Rentster has recently launched an innovative feature that sets it apart from the competition. The noteworthy addition to their platform is a comprehensive rental items tracking service, and what’s even more remarkable is that Rentster is offering it without any monthly fee.

This integration allows rental companies to seamlessly incorporate rental items, vehicles, trailers, and more directly into their rental processes.

The heart of Rentster’s tracking feature lies in a small, low-energy IoT device. This device operates efficiently with a 12V power source and comes equipped with its own internal battery, ensuring uninterrupted tracking capabilities.

In addition to location tracking, the device offers an extra option to control various aspects of the rental item. For instance, rental company can remotely open and close vehicle doors, receive real-time information about fuel levels, monitor engine RPM, and much more.

Moreover, Rentster has simplified the implementation process. The only cost incurred is to purchase preconfigured trackers directly from Rentster. Rental companies can choose to install the trackers themselves or opt for professional installation services through Rentster’s partner companies. Additionally, SIM cards, essential for the trackers’ connectivity, can be conveniently ordered directly from service providers.

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